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Bills of Interest


To view a list of bills that are of interest to the industry, click on the image below.  Here you will be able to review the key congressional legislation items that affect the green industry and business owners.
















For more information about government affairs, click on the link below to visit the National Association of Landscape Professionals Legislative Action Center.   The National Association of Landscape Professionals Legislative Action Center provides a wealth of information including federal/national issues, upcoming elections in your area, state issues and much more. 










Grassroots Action Network

Did you know that in any given legislative year 9-10,000 bills are introduced in the U.S. Congress and another 10,000 in the states? Although only a very small percentage actually becomes law, these laws govern every aspect of our lives, from communication to recreation, from transportation to the environment and much more. Laws governing issues such as pesticides, fertilizers, immigration/H-2B, small businesses, safety in the work place, clean water and air emissions, and gasoline taxes are among the hundreds of decisions that our legislators make on our behalf everyday.


But how do they know what we want or what is best for their local community? They depend on their constituents (the voters in their state or district) to let them know how [proposed] federal and state policy affects their local community. Knowing and being responsive to the needs and concerns of the voters is, in fact, their top priority; it is what got them elected and will help get them re-elected. In some instances legislators making policy decisions are not fully experienced in certain areas. Legislators, therefore, rely heavily on the expressed views of their constituents and information provided by experts – such as you. Through constituent letters, phone calls, and face-to-face meetings, legislators learn what's important to the “people back home.” As the legendary Speaker of the House Tip O'Neill often said, “all politics is local.”


In fact, knowing what's really important to you, what your needs are, what's happening in your local area or across the state, is what really counts on Capitol Hill in Washington DC and in Madison at your state capitol. Despite the cynicism surrounding politicians and politics – especially in an election year — most legislators go to work everyday trying to make a difference for his/her district or state and the nation.


It may surprise you to know that they not only rely heavily on what the voters think about an issue; in many cases they reach out to constituents who have expertise or knowledge in particular area and ask them for their help. Has that ever happened to you? If so, that's likely because you have been actively involved with grassroots. They know they can reach out to you when they need some assistance with a particular piece of legislation or even in the development of a proposed new policy initiative. In short: legislators and their staff count on your letters and phone calls, your direct involvement, to help them know if they are "on the right track."


However, no matter how involved you are as an individual, greater influence and impact is gained when large numbers of constituents speak with “one voice.” And how is this best accomplished? It is only possible through organized grassroots activities.


Grassroots is the foundation for any successful advocacy initiative. It is the number one reason why legislators vote "for or against" pending or proposed bills. Thus, grassroots gives you an opportunity to help make a difference for the green industry, for your employees and for your community. So, when the National Association of Landscape Professionals or WLCA asks you to write a letter, make a phone call or visit with your legislators on an issue of great importance to the green industry, just say "yes." I know you are not afraid of grass stains… so join us by signing up now.





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